About the project

"Disappearing professions on the European job market" is a project of international partnership organisations connected with vocational training of the youth from Poland, Lithuania and Germany. The project popularizes disappearing professions as well as traditional craft serving as an innovative course of action to improve the situation of the young on the job market. One of the aims of the project is to encourage the youth to start education and training in disappearing professions. Another is to promote traditional craft and regional culture at the international level by instilling the idea of individual enterprise and self-employment in response to the growing interest in goods and services delivered in a traditional way.  The complex form of securing the survival of old professions is based on a number of factors. First comes the acquiring or upgrading competences within the field of disappearing professions. Secondly, it is crucial to target craftsmen, entrepreneurs, institutions and people that are not only connected with disappearing professions but also interested in their popularization.  What follows is delivering programmes and methods of training within the field of old professions with a view to increasing the number of well-skilled craftsmen.

The project involves the participation of partnership organizations workers who are willing to extend and exchange their experience in the field of project aims. Among others the group includes instructors of learning a profession in a practical way who are intrested in training or supervising the training of youth in their countries, students and graduates of vocational schools from Poland, Lithuania and Germany, who may have difficulties in functioning on the job market, as well as those willing to broaden their professional qualifications in order to enter the job market or self-employ. It also include craftsmen, enterpreneurs and organizations intrested in disappearing professions.

Carrying out the project within the international cooperation will allow sharing and comparing ideas, solutions and methods among EU countries related to education in the field of disappearing professions and extending the training in base professions concerning the forgotten craft. The project realization will allow the experience exchange together with passing down the solutions concerning vocational training and activity in favour of graduates to ease entering the job market, transfer of interesting and valuable solutions between the organizations, upgrading the quality and efficiency of professional training in the field of disappearing professions as well as increasing the access and promotion of those trainings in EU countries.